Features of Washing devices

Original-new material brush

Polyethylene, polypropylene, nylon, polybutylene and the like which are the materials of existing vehicle cleaning brushes have the disadvantage that they are easy to damage the car body and window glass and have black spots. Also, existing materials are expensive and have various problems such as easy entanglement. On the other hand,polypropylene used at our company has strong detergency. However, this has the disadvantage that brushes tend to get entangled with each other. Therefore, in order to solve the problem, one process was newly added in the process of manufacturing the cleaning brush.
By doing this, we can develop soft materials that are hard to get entangled and not hurt the car body, we use it for products.

Conventional type Polypropylene Flexion recovery rate: 39%
New material PPN-2 Flexion recovery rate: 63%

Conventional polypropylene

New material PPN-2

Type of washing device

Device capable of dealing with dirt due to differences in railway structure

Hybrid washing device

  • Front washing

  • Dirt before washing

  • Dirt after washing

Bogie washing device

Dirt is dropped in a short time by cavitation washing by injection of fine bubbles. The injection pump uses a spiral pump with a pressure of 0.7 to 0.9 Mpa.
Wash while varying conveying speed and injection pipe rocking speed. Program the ultrasonic flaw detection site of the truck in advance and open and close the dedicated injection nozzles in the washing booth individually. This allows point peeling during the cleaning process.
Chemical water wash water uses ionized water passed through a soft water system and reduces the amount of detergent used by half.
By adopting a fully automated high-speed centrifugal filtration device, we reduce the water content of sludge to 25% or less and reduce industrial waste expenses.
We adopt the GOT screen, perform operation, monitoring, setting and maintenance on one screen.

  • Fine bubble mixing injection washing

  • Peeling point injection

Other washing device

We have a lot of kinds of washing devices.

Fully automated high speed
centrifugal filtration device

Automatic parts
cleaning machine

  • Magnetic flaw detection portion
    removing apparatus with fine
    bubble mixed injection

  • Ultrasonic cleaner cooler

  • Cooler washing device