We aim to be a company that contributes to the global environment and to society.

At Kotobuki Kankyoh Kizai Co., Ltd., we are leveraging the wealth of knowledge and experience that we have built up over the last 40 yearsin order to deliver high quality products such as industrial waste water treatment, flotation and oil recovery equipment, activated sludge and oil mats, etc. Railway rolling stock is a vital part of infrastructure, and their maintenance is crucial. We have a considerable track record as manufacturers of equipment for the washing of carriages, bogies and their parts and components, etc., and wash all kinds of parts and components using our uniquely developed washing method.
We utilize reliable technologies to provide total support that ranges from plant to maintenance.

Our features

  • 40 years of track record and experience as a comprehensive water treatment engineering company (over 5,000 solutions provided)
  • Original washing method (Fine bubble washing) Proposal-based customized design
  • Follow-up maintenance (over 200 contracted customers)

A company contributing to global environmental conservation

・Planning and introduction of latest technology tailored to demand
・Environment and space conscious design and customer prioritization

We deliver a total service that ranges from the consulting and design to the manufacture, installation and maintenance of water works, waste water treatment facilities and washing equipment.

A company contributing to global environmental conservation

Water treatment equipment

  • • Pressure flotation
  • • Precipitation
  • • Biological treatment
  • • Deferrization/demanganization
  • • Sand filtration activation
  • • Membrane treatment

Washing equipment

  • • Vehicle washing
  • • Parts and components washing
  • • Various types of washing


  • • Strict regulatory compliance
  • • Periodic maintenance visits
  • • 24-hour monitoring system
  • • Regular water quality analysis

Environmental equipment

  • • Covers
  • • Oil adsorption mats
  • • Oil recovery equipment
  • • Ozone generators
  • • Nitrogen gas generators