Oxygen activated sludge treatment device ( BOOXT · Mix Flow)

By using pure oxygen instead of air, it is possible to increase the metabolism of bacteria in the aeration tank and to operate at high load.

Product features

· The processing capacity is 2 ~ 3 times higher than the standard activated sludge method.
· Since it is possible to keep DO concentration high, it is resistant to load fluctuation.
· Small exhaust gas and splash, it realize clean treatment.


To increase the processing capacity of the existing aeration tank · · · · · MIXFLO (mixed flow)
What is MIXFLO ...
· Simple oxygen dissolution system just to install in the existing open aeration tank.
· Increase existing processing capacity by 2 to 3 times with low cost investment.
· Small exhaust gas and splash, it realize clean treatment.
· Low cost treatment with oxygen dissolution efficiency of 90% or more.

For high concentration wastewater treatment · · · · · · · BOOXT
What is BOOXT ...
· Tower type catalytic oxidation treatment apparatus introducing pure oxygen
· It is possible to treatment of 10,000 ppm of BOD without dilution, and also it can be saving space.
· Resistant to load fluctuation, ideal for pretreatment.

· Food plant wastewater
· Paper/Pulp plant wastewater
· Organic wastewater from each factory