Maintenance work

Please increase production capacity by consignment maintenance of wastewater treatment facility.

It is possible to operate and maintain proper operation by taking advantage of the facts and experiences accumulated in the past by experts in a wide range of fields, as well as technical skills.

Periodic maintenance

We regularly visit customers and support system checking and maintenance systematically.
Maintenance contracts are available for our delivery equipment as well as other supplier equipment.

    Main point of maintenance
      1. Inspection and maintenance of wastewater equipment adhering to legal standards
      2. Maintenance and safety of facilities / equipment

Operation management maintenance

Specialized engineers are stationed to operate and manage customer's facilities.
By consigning the facilities collectively, we can improve the efficiency and sophistication of the customer's management work.
By dispatching excellent engineers, we can offer "reduction of management cost" and "maintenance and improvement of quality".
In addition to resident management, we can provide operation management that is consistent with customer's needs such as alternate-day resident management, periodic tour management etc.

Proposal for equipment diagnosis and improvement

A specialized technician will diagnose the customer's equipment.
We will propose improvements such as running cost reduction, equipment capacity upgrading etc. by diagnosing equipment condition.

Remote monitoring device

If you have a remote monitoring device, you can remotely monitor the facility for 24 hours without resident management.
We realized a low-cost, highly functional system that can remotely monitor driving conditions on a computer and analyze collected data.

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